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AFAdvogados, Armando França e Associados - Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL, is a law firm, founded in Aveiro, on June 30, 1994 and registered with the Portuguese Bar Association under number 35/94.
Established by the initiative of the founding partner, Dr. Armando França, a lawyer since 1978, the company’s fundamental objective is the permanent and active defence of the legitimate and legally qualified interests of its Clients.

This purpose is cemented in the solid academic background, professional experience and in the responsible and proactive profile of its partners, associates and collaborators.

In 2008, the firm’s corporate and organizational structure underwent important changes, creating departments with specific areas of activity, in which the work assigned to each is done in teams with a high spirit of cooperation and in permanent articulation with each other. These important changes have made it possible to provide a more efficient and qualified interdisciplinary response to the growing demand from clients, due to the diversity of subjects and their inherent specialty and legal complexity.

In 2009, AFAdvogados opened a new office in the city of Guimarães, with lawyers residing there permanently and the partners and collaborators maintained the teamwork, cooperation and articulation principles of the Firm, thus maximizing the easy mobility in the Region and the use of electronic and communication tools.

Over the past 10 years, AFAdvogados has welcomed around a dozen trainee lawyers, three of whom are now Associates of the Firm. As of January 2021, AFAdvogados has the permanent collaboration of a licensed solicitor.

In 2019, AFAdvogados celebrated its 25th anniversary with a memorable ceremony in which the Firm’s impeccable and reputable past was remembered and where the contribution of all those who were already part of AFAdvogados were honoured, as well the new generation, who work with great spirit and enthusiasm every day.

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AFAdvogados strives to develop the best legal solutions for its Clients by constantly striving to provide a competent, responsible and timely service, in order to permanently, efficiently and vigorously defend its Clients and the matters entrusted to the Firm, without losing sight of the fact that lawyers are the administrators of justice.

In this regard, we are guided by values that mark our professional standpoint:

At AFAdvogados, all lawyers and collaborators undergo continuous and permanent training in order to face the growing demands and changes in the law and in the legal world.



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We invest in continuous and permanent training in order to face the growing demands and changes / changes in law and in the legal world.